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Map Suite World Map Kit SDK All Samples

OSM World Map Kit Explorer

The World Map Kit Explorer is a tool that enables you to view the World Map Kit data using the WPF Edition complete with performance metrics. You can see the render times, fetch times, total bytes drawn along with total features drawn helping you visualize performance. It’s handy when determine if you want to remove various layers for performance reasons or to just get a good understanding of what is going on behinds the scenes. This project requires you have a full or evaluation version of the WPF Edition.

OSM World Map Kit Extractor

The World Map Kit Data Extractor allows you to create new smaller subsets from the World Map Kit SQLite master database. You simply specify the bounding box (or a shape file) for the new area then it will create a new SQLite database for that regions. There are options to preserve high level data allowing you to keep higher extent features, about 700 meg of data, such as the world, countries, high level roads etc. as a backdrop to the cut out area. If you choose not to preserve the high level data the tool crosscuts every layer leaving you with the smallest dataset possible. The tool works with multiple projections but does not re-project. Specifying the srid allows you to configure your bounding box in decimal degrees regardless of the source database projection. We will consider enhancing the tool to support projection based on feedback. This sample requires our SQLiteExtension assembly of version 9.0.379 or later.

OSM World Map Kit Rendering Coverage Reporter

The OSM World Map Kit Rendering Coverage Reporter is a small useful utility to go along with our OsmWorldMapKitLayer. The utility accepts an OsmWorldMapKitLayer.dll file and generates a table which shows which layers of the OSM World Map Kit are being displayed at which zoom levels in your OSMWorldMapKitLayer. This can help in deciding what data you need in order to display your desired zoom levels on a map. If you are modifying your OsmWorldMapKitLayer, you can use this to quickly see which layers you have changed or may want to change. The utility also allows you to generate a .csv file of the table.

OSM World Map Kit NAIP Data Downloader

The OSM World Map Kit NAIP Data Downloader is a utility that will allow you to download the NAIP Imagery data within a given extent after purchased World Map Kit Imagery Data. It requires that you have an Amazon S3 Access Key,and that will be charged all transfer costs.

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