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Here are answers to some of the most common questions that we are asked about the Map Suite Geocoder .NET component. If you still have questions after reading these, feel free to post them in our Geocoder discussion forum. Our forums are monitored by our development staff in order to provide detailed and technical answers when you need them.

Where can I test out Map Suite Geocoder?

We have an online demo available at; to test the geocoder functionality, simply enter any U.S. address in the box at the top of the screen and click “Find Location.” Additionally, to see online sample applications built with Map Suite Geocoder — complete with source code — check out

What street dataset does Map Suite Geocoder come with?

Map Suite Geocoder comes with data for the entire United States that is based on the latest TIGER® datasets from the U.S. Census Bureau. However, if you have your own data available, Map Suite Geocoder is extensible and flexible enough to allow you to build up your own custom geocoding solution.

What types of applications can use Map Suite Geocoder?

Map Suite Geocoder can be used in web applications, desktop applications, Silverlight applications, web services, Windows services, console applications or just about any other application type imaginable.

How is Map Suite Geocoder licensed?

Map Suite Geocoder is licensed by developer and by production web server. Each developer who writes code against the Map Suite Geocoder will need a license, and each production web server that utilizes Map Suite Geocoder will need a license as well. In cases where Map Suite Geocoder is used in desktop applications, there are no extra royalties or deployment costs.

What happens if I misspell an address?

Map Suite Geocoder has the capability to use Fuzzy Match logic when finding addresses. This means that if an address is spelled incorrectly but sounds similar to the correct spelling, the Geocoder may still return a result.

What type of information is returned by the Geocoder?

Map Suite Geocoder returns a detailed list of information about the area, including:

Can I do batch geocoding?

Yes. Map Suite Geocoder was built for performance and can process a large number of geocodes at one time. For some benchmarks on how fast the Geocoder performs, check out the benchmarks in the “High Performance Delivered” section of the Overview tab.

Can I integrate geocoding into my website?

Yes. Map Suite Geocoder can be easily integrated into your website or web application.

Can I do reverse geocoding? (The process of taking longitude and latitude coordinates and returning the closest street address) Yes. Map Suite Geocoder comes with an easy-to-use reverse geocoding API that allows you to quickly translate longitude/latitude coordinates into the closest available address.

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