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Map Suite Routing Styles Samples

Displaying One-Way Streets

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

In the Discussion Forum Post “Drawing one-way streets in the map”, we have a question on how to display an arrow on a street that is one way as Google Map does. In this project, we show the solution by creating a LineStyle specifically for that purpose. We take the shapefile “AustinWithOneWayRoad.shp” from the sample app “Route On One-Way Roads” of Map Suite Routing Extension to display the arrow according to the traffic direction on the one-way streets

Routing Styles


The API for the Routing extension product provides a class RoutingLayer. RoutingLayer is basically a convenient layer to have the features for routing being displayed in a default way. You can add the start, end point, the routes and it is going to display that nicely for you without much work on your side. While this is convenient, you may be in the situation when you want more control on the styles and have the whole flexibility that an InMemoryFeatureLayer gives you. In this project, we show how to display in InMemoryFeaturesLayers the start and end points, as well as the resulting route using the full power of InMemoryFeatureLayer such as zoom levels and custom styles.

Smooth Transparent Route


In the Routing extension, the API GetRoute of the RoutingEngine returns a MultilineShape made of a collection of LineShape. By default, the MultilineShape has LineShapes for each two vertex line segment. The result in the displaying of the route using some transparency is a route that looks dotted and irregular. In this project, we show the trick to get one continuous LineShape which will show as smooth and regular. We recognized that the default result is not the most adequate in most cases and we will correct that for the next major release of the Routing extension. In the meantime, you can use that project to get the result that you want to display your routes.

Smart Brute Force TSP Routing Algorithm

In this Routing sample project, we are looking at the Routing Extension of Map Suite. Here we created a BruteForceRoutingEngine class to deal with complicated TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) with fixed start and end points, you can get more details at . Compared with built-in TSP algorithm in Routing Extension, it may be a bit slower, but show a better visit sequence and more reasonable route.

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