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Map Suite Routing Layers & FeatureSources Samples

POI on Route

In today’s project, we are looking at the Routing extension of Map Suite. As a reinforcement of what we learned in the samples of “How Do I”, we show how to find the shortest route between the start and the end point. In addition to that, we show how to use the MultiLineShape from the result of the GetRoute function to do a spatial query to get the points of interests (POI) on the route.

For this sample, you would need a reference of either the full or evaluation of MapSuiteCore.dll and MapSuiteRouting.dll.

POI on route(Advanced)


In the project “POI on route”, we learned how to get the points of interests (POI) on the route within a certain buffer distance. In today’s project, we are going to go a step further and we show the technique for finding the POIs according to what side of the route they are located. For example, in the delivery industry, it is far more efficient to deliver to stops on the right side of the road when driving on the right side of the road.

Routing Tolerance


In today’s project, we will see how to better leverage the GetRoute function of the RoutingEngine by doing some spatial query. The GetRoute function allows you to pass two PointShapes for the start and end points of the route to build. If a PointShape is not on a line segment of the routable street data, the closet point on the closest segment will be used regardless of how far the PointShape is. Using the Spatial Query function, GetFeaturesWithinDistanceOf, we check if the PointShapes passed as start and end points are within some tolerance before proceeding with building the route.
For this project, you will need MapSuiteCore.dll and MapSuiteRouting.dll references.

Routing with Projections


From a Discussion Forum request, in today’s project we show how to perform routing in one projection and display the result in another. You may be in the situation where you have your routable street data in State Plane meters and you have your base map in Geodetic (decimal degrees). This project shows you how to handle this case.

One Way Street Builder


In the sample apps “How Do I” of the Routing product, we have a sample that shows how the route is constructed on a one way street. Today’s project is meant to complement by showing how to set selected streets to be one way and in the desired direction. From this sample, you can create your own utility to handle your data for routing purposes.

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