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Map Suite Services Edition Miscellaneous Samples

Map Suite Explorer (ServiceEdition)

This week, we decided to publish in the Code Community the project for Map Suite Explorer. You are already familiar with that free Desktop tool that comes with any edition of Map Suite. It is a basic GIS tool that allows you to view your geographic data and its tabular information. It also allows doing some basic manipulation on your date such as building the spatial index. With the source code at your disposition, you can cut time developing your own application by having at your disposal the code for doing common tasks such as loading, unloading layers, building spatial index, changing styles etc. You will also find interesting the legend and see how you can add, remove, move up and down the different layers. It is by far the most comprehensive project in the Code Community to that date. You will need the reference for MapSuiteDesktop.dll and MapSuiteCore.dll (full or evaluation) to run it.

Tile Cache Generator

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