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The USA Map Data Product has been discontinued please refer to the new OpenStreetMap Data for your map data needs.

USA 2006 Second Edition Data is a standalone set of royalty-free map data covering the entire United States. Featuring street-level detail, USA 2006 Data gives GIS professionals a complete set of United States map data in ShapeFile format on a single DVD.

Product Guides

Guides Description
Installation Guide This guide walks you through installing the USA Map Data for use in your GIS application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions These frequently asked questions cover USA Data topics that are not categorized in other areas.


Topic Attachment Description
Screenshot Gallery N/A The USA Map Data screenshots gallery section showcases a wide range of screenshots covering various GIS features of the USA Map Data.

Help & Support Guides

Guides Description
Support Options This article outlines various support options available through ThinkGeo. It explains the various methods and recommendations of which options work best depending on your issue.
Enhancement Tracker Here we discuss the Map Suite enhancement tracker which enables you to suggest new features and vote up and down features submitted by other customers.
Support Ticket Guide This guide explains how to create a support ticket using the ThinkGeo customer portal. The guide also covers recommendation on when to use a support tickets versus other forms of support.
Discussion Forum Guide This guide explains how to create a constructive discussion forum post. It outlines the best practices in posting to ensure that your GIS questions get answered quickly and accurately.
Sending Data to Support This guide details the various ways of sending data to our support staff.
Daily Builds Guide This guide explains the details of the Map Suite daily build process and offers step by step instructions on how to access the builds. The daily builds are an integral part of Map Suite development process and allow developers access to real-time bug fixes and new cutting edge features before their official release.
Release Cycle Guide This guide explains the process and rations behind the Map Suite release schedule. It outlines release dates, version information, and various aspects related to publicly releasing Map Suite software.