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Map Suite World Data FAQ General Questions

The World Data Product has been discontinued please refer to the new OpenStreetMap Data for your map data needs.

How much data is included in the World Data?

It includes a 3 GB dataset includes coverage of the entire globe. It is made up of 42 geographic feature layers.

What feature layers are included in the World Data?

ThinkGeo's World Data comes complete with these geographic features:

Airports Canals Barriers
Bathymetry City Areas City Points
Coast Lines Countours Crops
Danger Points Fish Hatchery Grass
Industrial Areas Industry Points Lakes
Ice - Land Ice - Sea Misc. Industry Points
Misc. Pop Points Misc. Transportation Lines Misc. Water Lines
Misc. Water Points Native Settlements Ocean Seas
Pipe Lines Place Names Political Boundaries
Power Plants Railroad Yards Railroads
Roads Rivers Sand
Spot Elevations Storage Points Swamps
Trails Transportation Lines Transportation Points
Trees Tundra Utility Lines

What is the format of the World Data?

The World Data is shipped as industry standard shape files.

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