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 Password: password (Use your password instead) Password: password (Use your password instead)
 +====I installed the deployment license I bought but the "Not Licensed for Runtime"​ watermark still exists. How can you help?====
 +  - Uninstall your deployment server, and deactivate all the activated licenses if there’s any using your current version of product center. ​
 +  - Clean up all the files within C:​\ProgramData\ThinkGeo ​
 +  - Update your product center to the latest version through Nuget
 +  - Run the new product center and reinstall your deployment server
 +  - If you still have the “Not licensed for Run Time” watermark, please make sure you’ve cleaned up the local cache and restart the web site. 
 +====How can I get general help from ThinkGeo?​====
 +For any tech questions, feel free to ask in our community([[http://​​]] or use our ticketing system([[http://​​TicketList]]),​ we have developers answering the questions there every day.  Every customer has a limited number of tickets (5 per productmpurchase) and unlimited number of posts available to them in the community, of course our ticket system has higher priority. ​
 +If you want to have a consultation service other than that, we provide professional services which cost $150 an hour. It’s based on time and material and we bill weekly. ​
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