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Manual copy dlls Guide for Version 10

This page tells how to copy the necessary dlls into target folders, if you want to download the dlls yourself instead of use NuGet.

Download the packages

You should want to download all the packages(.nupkg file) from at first.

You can visit the, find target package you want to get and click download button in the page.

Unzip the packages

In fact the .nupkg file is a zip package, so you can unzip them by some common utilities for example 7-zip.

Copy the dlls to target folder

There are three types directory structure for the unzipped package

Products packages

The list shows the packages:

  • ThinkGeo.MapSuite.10.x.x
  • MapSuiteXXXForXXX-Standard.10.x.x
  • MapSuiteXXXForXXX-BareBone.10.x.x

You can find the valid dlls under lib/net45, you only need reference the dlls in your project.

Extensions packages

Its name should be looks like: or

The dlls under lib/net45 is used for reference in project.

And if you found folders and dlls under build/net45, you need to copy them to your debug folder (bin folder).

MapSuiteDependency packages

The package name is started with MapSuiteDependency

We handle it like this:

  • The dlls under lib/net45 is used for reference
  • The dlls under build/net45 have to be copied to the debug folder of your project
  • The folders under MoveToWindowsDirectory, everything under “SysWOW64” need to be copied into “C:\Windows\SysWOW64” and everything under “System32” need to be copied into “C:\Windows\System32”

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