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ThinkGeo Reverse Geocoding Data

ThinkGeo Reverse Geocoding Data is composed of open sourced data and has a total size of 77GB.

Data Source

ThinkGeo Reverse Geocoding data comes from the following 2 sources:

  • OpenStreetMap. Global coverage and supports importing points, area and roads from OpenStreetMap.
  • OpenAddresses. Supports importing the hundreds of millions of global address collected from various authoritative government sources by OpenAddresses - (coming soon)

What areas does the World Reverse Geocoding cover?

  • Places & addresses – it has detailed information about a place, including the name, position, and address (with the house-number).
  • Place – it has basic information such as name and position, but it doesn’t include the address with house-number.

Use the data in ThinkGeo Components

The data can be consumed in ThinkGeo Desktop and Web UI components with the ThinkGeo SDK ThinkGeo.MapSuite.WorldReverseGeocoding package. The data itself can also be used in a 3rd party tool.

More information regarding the TThinkGeo.MapSuite.WorldReverseGeocoding SDK will be coming soon.

Sample Screenshots

ThinkGeo Reverse Geocoding Online is using the same dataset. Check out the Online Sample and find out more about the elevation data.

Get elevation along a line:

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