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MapSuite License Guide for Mobile

When debugging or running a mobile app with Map Suite Mobile Components, it's required to set up the license. Without the license, the application cannot be launched.

Get License from Map Suite Product Center

A License can be generated by “Map Suite Product Center”. Please navigate to ThinkGeo.Mobile.iOS/ThinkGeo.Mobile.Android Nuget package installation folder, find ThinkGeo.ProductCenter.exe and run it. This executable can also be found in the project bin folder after installing the nuget package and recompile your project.

Then, let’s switch to the iOS or Android tab as Figure 1 indicates.

Figure 1. Map Suite Product Center with iOS tab selected

Activate or Start Trial with Map Suite Product Center

In this step, we are going to generate the license with your account. Please sign into your account, then click the “Activate” button to use your full license if you've purchased the selected product. Also, you can click the “Start Evaluation” button to get a free trial license.

Generate License File

After you have activated or started an evaluation with your account, the next thing we need to do is to generate a License file to bind to the app you are working on. The license is bound to a unique ID of the app. iOS and Android apps' unique ID are located in different places.

  • iOS app is bound to the Bundle ID in the iOS project settings.

  • Android app is bound to the Package name of the Android project settings.

Let’s copy the app’s unique ID and paste it in the textbox on the right side of the product center in iOS/Android tab. Then click the “Create” button to generate a license.

Setup License File for Your App

After generating the license file, we need to copy this license file to the app or project you are working on in Visual Studio, and change the build action depending on the platform as following:

  • Copy the license file to the iOS project and set the “Build Action” as “BundleResource” in iOS.

  • Copy license file to the Assets folder and make sure the “Build Action” is set to “AndroidAsset” in Android.

Now the licenses are ready for development and you can also distribute the app with this license. Let’s press F5 to start your app and enjoy what you have created.

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