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ThinkGeo Data Format Guide

All editions of Map Suite come with support for the most popular GIS file formats baked right in; these are the natively-supported formats. In general, a natively-supported format will enjoy better performance and API friendliness than those that are supposed through extensions.

Vector Formats

Vector data allows you to style and display your data exactly how you want it. If the data format you are looking for is not listed below you can easily integrate your own custom data format.

Format Support Type Map Suite Version
ShapeFile1) Read/write 1.0
MapInfo TAB Read/write 5.0
ThinkGeo TinyGeo Read/write 6.0
ESRI File Geodatabase Read/write 7.0
Microsoft SQL Server Spatial 2008 and newer Read/write 3.0
Oracle Spatial Read/write 3.0
PostgreSQL PostGIS2) Read/write 3.0
S-57 Maritime Charts Read 8.0
GPX (GPs eXchange format) Read 8.0
Tobin TDRBM II (.bas) Read 8.0
ESRI Grid (.grd) Read 5.0
SQLite Read/write 8.0 (refresh)

Raster Formats

Raster data is typically aerial imagery, satellite imagery and topo maps. However you can use almost any image as a raster layer and add it to the map. For example you may have a jpeg that represents a floor plan of a building that you would like to display on a map.

Format Support Type Map Suite Version
Mr. Sid Read 3.0
ECW Read 3.0
JPEG2000 Read 3.0
GeoTIFF Read 3.0
BMP Read 3.0
PNG Read 3.0
GIF Read 3.0
JPG Read 3.0
TIFF Read 3.0

Web Based Datasets

Web based map data comes in a variety of forms. Several of the providers below are tile based web services that allow you to easily integrate rich basemaps into your application. Other technologies such as WMS and WFS provide a common way for web applications to consume maps and feature information over the web. Finally the NOAA web data layers allow you to integrate near real time weather information into your application using Map Suite.


Map Suite Version Description
ThinkGeo Cloud Online 10.0 ThinkGeo Cloud provides the following Services: Maps Vector Tiles, Maps Raster Tiles, Maps WMS, Elevation, Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, Routing, Maps Query and Projection etc.
WMS (Web Map Service) 6.0 WMS is a open standard set by the OGC to consume maps over the web.
WFS (Web Feature Service) 6.0 WFS is a open standard set by the OGC.
Google Maps 3) 3.0 Google Maps
Bing Maps 4) 3.0 Bing Maps
NOAA Radar 8.0 NEXRAD Radar updated every 15 minutes covering most of the United States.
NOAA Weather Watches & Warnings 8.0 Current weather watches and warnings covering the United States.
NOAA Weather Stations 8.0 Current temperatures and other weather information from NOAA weather stations around the United States.

Additional Formats using the GDAL Extension

1) All versions of Map Suite support ShapeFile DBFs in the standard dBASE III format. Additionally, since Map Suite 8.0, DBFs in Visual FoxPro format are also supported.
2) Requires that you reference the free Postgre extension which is included with Map Suite.
3) *Use of Google Maps within a Map Suite developer SDK requires a Google Maps API For Business license and is subject to Google's licensing terms. For more information, please visit:
4) *Use of Bing Maps within a Map Suite developer SDK requires a Bing Maps license and is subject to Microsoft's licensing terms. For more information, please visit:
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