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Note: The page was created before Map Suite 10. Map Suite 10.0 organized many classes into new namespaces and assemblies as well as had a few minor breaks in compatibility. The majority of previously built code should work without modification assuming the new namespaces are added. For guidance on upgrading your existing code, please check out MapSuite 10 Upgrade Guide.

Units describing the way geographies are stored in a data source.


The geography unit defines how your map data is stored. More specifically, it describes what the change in X and Y mean in relationship to the data itself. For example, if your data is stored in a geographic unit of feet, an increase of one on the x-axis means that you've moved one foot in the X direction. Nearly all map data is stored using three simple units, which are decimal degrees, feet, and meters. It is important to note that this has very little to do with the projection that the data is in.



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