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Note: The page was created before Map Suite 10. Map Suite 10.0 organized many classes into new namespaces and assemblies as well as had a few minor breaks in compatibility. The majority of previously built code should work without modification assuming the new namespaces are added. For guidance on upgrading your existing code, please check out MapSuite 10 Upgrade Guide.

This describes a set of enumerations that list the valid types of geometries.


Each of the geometries listed is either a subset or compatible with the OpenGIS specifications or the simple feature specifications. Each different kind of geometry can also be converted to well-known text and well-known binary. We have added some additional geometry types (such as the ellipse and rectangle) which normally are not included as separate GIS geometries but are very useful and can easily be converted to standard types.



  • Summary:An invalid shape type.


  • Summary:A Point is a geometry that represents a single location in coordinate space.


  • Summary:A Line is a curve with linear interpolation between points.


  • Summary:A Polygon is a planar surface representing a multisided geometry. It is defined by a single exterior boundary and zero or more interior boundaries, where each interior boundary defines a hole in the Polygon.


  • Summary:A MultiPoint is a geometry collection composed of Point elements. The points are not connected or ordered in any way.


  • Summary:A MultiLine is a geometry collection composed of Line elements.


  • Summary:A MultiPolygon is a object composed of one or more Polygon elements.


  • Summary:A GeometryCollection is a object composed of one or more Shape elements.
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