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Tile Cache Generator

This video will show you how to use the Tile Cache Generator utility to generate tile caches based on your own layers. Pre-generating tiles base on your data allows you to display the data faster than rending it from vector graphics files. It also allows you to protect your vector data by providing just the raster tiles for display purposes only. In the past pre-generating tiles required customers to build the process from scratch which was time consuming and often times inefficient. With the Tile Cache Generator we have packaged many of our best practices along with the source to allow you to tweak it to your specific situation.

Published on Jun 20, 2012

The Map Suite Tile Cache Generator is a new utility that lets you pre-generate map tile images from your existing layers. This offers numerous advantages to your Map Suite GIS applications – including faster rendering time than with vector graphics files, plus the ability to protect your vector data by providing only the tile images for runtime.

Map Suite Chief Architect David Rehagen walks you through all of the tool's options and takes a look at the source code behind them. Features include selectable zoom level ranges, custom restriction layers, estimated tile count previews and more.

Download the Tile Cache Generator and source code at:

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