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Map Suite Wpf Desktop Edition Project Templates

Note: The page was created before Map Suite 10. Map Suite 10.0 organized many classes into new namespaces and assemblies as well as had a few minor breaks in compatibility. The majority of previously built code should work without modification assuming the new namespaces are added. For guidance on upgrading your existing code, please check out MapSuite 10 Upgrade Guide.

Site Selection

The Site Selection sample template allows you to view, understand, interpret, and visualize spatial data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. In the example illustrated, the user can apply the features of GIS to analyze spatial data to efficiently choose a suitable site for a new retail outlet.

US Demographic Map

The Demographic and Lifestyle sample template gives you a head start on your statistics project, which includes details about race, age, gender, land usage, and more for all the states in U.S. The template contains pre-styled layers that can be used as-is, or as the foundation for adding your own map notes and layers.

Us Earthquake Statistics

The Earthquake Statistics sample template is a statistical report system for earthquakes that have occurred in the past few years across the United States. It can help you generate infographics and analyze the severely afflicted areas, or used as supporting evidence when recommending measures to minimize the damage in future quakes.

Vehicle Tracking

The Vehicle Tracking sample template gives you a head start on your next tracking project. With a working code example to draw from, you can spend more of your time implementing the features you care about and less time thinking about how to accomplish the basic functionality of a tracking system.

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