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Map Suite Windows Phone Edition FAQ General Questions

Do I have control over how the map looks and fits into my application?

Yes, absolutely. Map Suite Windows Phone Edition is a control, so you can easily integrate it into your application just like any other control from the Toolbox. We expose a large amount of APIs that allow you to customize every aspect of the map and the user interface so that they fit in with the look and feel of your application.

What other software is required to work with Map Suite Windows Phone Edition?

To work with Map Suite Windows Phone Edition, you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Phone SDK (Windows Phone Developer Tools) to build the code for your custom application.

What type of map data does Map Suite Windows Phone Edition Support?

Map Suite Windows Phone Edition lets you use virtually any map dataset of your choosing. If you have your own map data in one of the supported data formats, you can use it. You can also utilize ThinkGeo's World Map Kit extension to deliver a basic set of pre-rendered data covering the globe. Additionally, Map Suite comes built in with support for online base map services like Bing™ Maps, Google Maps™ and OpenStreetMap, just to name a few options.

What formats can my data be in?

Map Suite Windows Phone Edition comes with native support for the most popular vector and raster file formats, and includes a free extension that enables support for more than a dozen more vector formats and more than 80 raster formats. If you have spatial data or imagery, chances are you can use it with Map Suite. Check our Map Suite Data Format Guide for the master list of data formats that Map Suite currently supports.

How big of a learning curve is there to using Map Suite Windows Phone Edition?

Map Suite Windows Phone Edition was designed to be easy to understand and easy to use. While mapping/GIS controls typically have a larger learning curve than other simpler controls like grids or charts, we feel Map Suite has taken the complexity out of mapping and allows you to develop your application in days or weeks instead of months or years.

Where do I go if I need help with Map Suite Windows Phone Edition?

We have a very active set of Developer Community discussion forums, a large number of “How Do I?” sample applications with source code in VB.NET and C#, and a Customer Portal where you can get one-on-one assistance with your Map Suite project. We also offer professional services if you need a custom-built solution developed for you.

Are there add-ons or extensions for Map Suite that add new features?

Yes. We offer a number of Map Suite add-ons that extend the functionality and map coverage of your application, including the World Map Kit dataset plugin, and the Routing Extension that generates routes, turn-by-turn directions and more. Additionally, check out the code samples on our wiki to quickly learn how to perform popular tasks and implement useful features with Map Suite.

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