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Map Suite Windows Phone Edition Background Maps (Google, Bing, etc) Samples

GPS to Google Map(Web)


Today we have a Web project. In our experience and based on a number of requests in the Discussion Forum, many of the users of Map Suite for web applications have a need to display point data coming from some GPS readings on Google map. This project shows in the most straightforward way how to interpret the GPS data often in the decimal degrees format, project it correctly to match Google Map and plot it on the map.

Great Circle with Google Map


The purpose of this Web project is to complete an earlier project “Great Circle on Pacific Rim” which showed how to create the Great Circle between two points over the Pacific with the geodetic projection (decimal degrees). In this project, we apply Great Circle to Google Map showing on the Pacific Rim going from America to Asia.



OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create free geographic data for the entire world. It can be thought of the “Free Wiki World Map”. Now, the latest version of MapSuite desktop can support that. In order to run this project, you will need the Development Build or later.

Shapefile to Google Map


In the project “GPS to Google Map”, we learned how to project a single point in Longitude/Latitude so that it displays correctly on Google Map. In today’s project, we apply the same principle of projection to a shapefile to have it showing on Google Map. Notice how we also set the extent of the map based on the projected shapefile.

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