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Frequently Asked Questions About License

Here are answers to some of the most common questions that we are asked about the Map Suite license for web edition. If you still have questions after reading these, feel free to post them in our web edition discussion forum. Our forums are monitored by our development staff in order to provide detailed and technical answers when you need them.

How many kinds of license for web edition?

Map Suite provides 2 kinds of licenses for Web: development and deployment. Please refer to the following urls to know how to create the two kinds of licenses for an application:

Development license: MapSuite Developer License Guide

Deployment license: Map Suite Deployment License Guide for Web

How to resolve no license exception?

You are seeing the below message:

“If you are a map developer, you need to activate it through product center or contact; If you are a tester or doing some map-unrelated programming, please contact your map developer to get a runtime license to avoid this exception.”

Because Map Suite license is not installed on that very machine. An license file is always expected since Map Suite 10.0. A Development/Test Server license will fix this issue. Here is how to fix it. MapSuite License For Web

How to resolve no license exception?

You are seeing the below message:

“The Map Suite Web for WebForms has expired. Please contact”

Becase your license has expired, please contact to delay. Then update your license to fix it.

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