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Map Suite Products

The Map Suite product line includes several products designed to meet the wide array of requirements when it comes to developing GIS geospatial mapping applications. Map Suite is currently comprised of several different products including Software Developer Kits, Servers, Web Services and Map Data & Add Ons.

Map Suite products can be installed, evaluated, purchased and activated from the ThinkGeo Product Center application.

Software Developer Kits

Map Suite Software Development Kits provide robust mapping and GIS functionality for a wide variety of different platforms and technologies.

Product Name Product Description
WebAPI Edition Component to build REST based web services for your HMTL5/JavaScript web applications.
MVC Edition MVC map control for developing ASP.NET MVC applications.
Web Edition ASP.NET map control for developing browser-based ASP.NET applications.
Silverlight Edition Silverlight map control for developing .NET Silverlight applications.
WPF Desktop Edition WPF map control for developing .NET WPF Desktop applications.
Desktop Edition Winforms map control for developing .NET Winforms Desktop applications.
Services Edition A .NET component for building Windows Services and Console Apps that need GIS and geospatial capabilities.
IOS Edition IOS Xamarin map control for building mapping applications on IOS Devices.
Android Edition Android Xamarin map control for building mapping applications on the Android Devices.
Windows Phone Edition Windows Phone map control for building mapping applications on the Windows Phone 7 or higher devices.
Geocoder A .NET component that allows you to geocode and reverse geocode addresses or other types of data.
Routing A .NET Component that generates routes and turn-by-turn directions based on your map data.
World Map Kit SDK Includes a world wide map data set and C# source code to render a detailed basemap within your application.
Map Suite Source Kit C# source code to several of the Map Suite base classes.


Server products provide a higher level of functionality in order to perform a specific task for consumption by other applications.

Product Name Product Description
GPS Tracking Server This product serves as a web-based GPS tracking platform that's intended to be customized, extended and/or integrated by .NET developers. It includes a wide variety of enterprise-class GPS tracking and location intelligence features and is designed to be hosted on your own servers. Source code is also available as an option.
WMS Server Edition OGC Compliant WMS (Web Map Service) server allowing you to serve your maps up to many client applications.

Web Services

Cloud based web services offer scalable and reliable solutions to be integrated into to your application seamlessly. Since all of the data and computing is done in the cloud, all you need to do is write a few lines of code to wire up the functionality inside your app.

Product Name Product Description
World Map Kit Online A cloud-based WMS server that serves up the World Map Kit base maps.
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