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Map Suite WebApi Overlays

Video Overview


In this sample we show you how you can use client and server side overlays to create great looking maps. We explore how to add WMS services on the client side to add basemaps such as WorldMapKit, OpenStreetMap, BingMaps, and GoolgeMap. At the same time we show you how you can add custom overlay on the server side to render your data on to the map.

World Map Kit

World Map Kit.

Example on how to load Map Suite World Map Kit Online, a cloud-based map service, offering detailed street, aerial, and hybrid maps of the globe that your applications can consume directly over the Internet.More.



Example on how to load OpenStreetMap as your.

Bing Maps

Bing Maps.

Example on how to load Bing Maps as your basemap. Get your Bing Maps API key at There are four available styles: Aerial, Aerial with labels, Road, Collins Bart, and Ordnance Survey.

Google Map

Google Map.

Example on how to load Google Map as your basemap.

Custom Overlay

Google Map with custom overlay.

Google Map without custom overlay.

In this sample we overlay all the schools located in Frisco, Texas. From server side we use special styles with the custom overlays to load our data. There is a check box on the upper right corner that allows you to turn on/off the custom overlay. From the server side Map Suite WebAPI Edition loads up the LayerOverlay for the layer which contains the schools. You have full control for adding your own layers to create customized maps.

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