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Map Suite MVC Edition Printing Samples


In this sample we show you how to add robust printing support to your Map Suite applications for the desktop, WPF, web or services environments. Using the code in this sample, you'll be able to build a Print Preview interface that lets your users interactively arrange items (such as a map, scale line, labels, data grid or image) on a virtual page before printing the result to a printer, exporting to a PDF or to a bitmap image. Maps are printed using vector graphics so you can be sure the output will look great on anything from a PDF to a large plotter. The printing system also includes low-level report building classes that make it easy to generate reports in the web or services environment.

To help you understand the sample, as well as Map Suite's new printing system upon which it is based, check out our instructional video that will introduce you to all of these concepts and walk you through the sample solution.

Please note that you will need version or newer of Map Suite in order to use the new printing features. For more information on how to upgrade, see the Map Suite Daily Builds Guide.

Note: Users of Map Suite Web, Silverlight and Services Editions will not have access to the interactive drag-and-drop page layout interface pictured here. However, these editions can still be used to programmatically design page layouts in code and then export them to a printer.

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