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Map Suite GPS Tracking Server

Note: The page was created before Map Suite 10. Map Suite 10.0 organized many classes into new namespaces and assemblies as well as had a few minor breaks in compatibility. The majority of previously built code should work without modification assuming the new namespaces are added. For guidance on upgrading your existing code, please check out MapSuite 10 Upgrade Guide.

Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is web-based GPS tracking platform based on the core GIS components of Map Suite, which can be deployed anywhere to provide full-featured GPS tracking anywhere in the world. Customize the system easily via its modular tracking device support and robust developer APIs, or gain full control with the available source code option. Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is the ultimate solution for a developer-centric GPS tracking system.

Product Guides

This illustrated, step-by-step guide covers working with the Map Suite GPS Tracking Server web portal, setting up GPS devices, working with departments and tracking your assets on the map.

This guide covers the requirements for connecting your tracking device to the Map Suite GPS Tracking Server.

Developer Guides

Provides an overview of how GPS tracking devices communicate with the GPS Tracking Server's Device Gateway. It also provides details about the Gateway Web Services that allow you to integrate your own GPS tracking devices and custom functionality directly into the Map Suite GPS Tracking Server, using whichever programming language you prefer.

Full documentation of the methods available in the Map Suite GPS Tracking Server's portal web services. These services allow you to programmatically manage or retrieve information about your GPS tracking devices, departments, carriers, users, alerts and so forth.

Downloads and Resources

A list of GPS tracking devices that we have certified for use with Map Suite GPS Tracking Server. If your device is not listed, you can write your own custom listener for it (or have us write one for you) using the Gateway SDK and Device Simulator tools.

The Device Simulator is a handy tool that lets you test the features of the GPS Tracking Server, simulate actual tracking conditions and create mock tracking sessions without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.

This API wrapper makes it easy for you to write your own custom device listeners against your Map Suite GPS Tracking Server's Device Gateway. It's the easiest way to add support for new or custom GPS tracking device hardware.

We built these sample device listeners using the Gateway SDK for .NET to illustrate the process of developing your own custom device support. You can use any of these samples as a base when building your own custom listener for any device you wish.

A guide on troubleshooting tracking device connection issues using the Debug Communications Log.

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