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MapSuite Developer License Guide

What is Developer License

Developer license is used for debugging application with Map Suite Components. One developer license can be installed on one development machine. If we want to apply this license to another machine, it's recommended to deactivate then re-activate it on another machine. Without the developer license, the debug process cannot continue and an invalid license exception will be thrown.

Get a Developer License from Map Suite Product Center

Product Center is used for generating evaluation or full developer license.

We will detect the developer license automatically when you start to debug your application. If developer license on this machine is missing or invalid, Map Suite Product Center will pop up automatically. Or you can open the Product Center manually, the executable file is installed along with the ThinkGeo.MapSuite NuGet package.

Figure 1. Map Suite Product Center Log in form.

For the first time you login the Product Center, if you have purchased one product, click “Activate” button to bind the license on this machine. While if you are evaluating this product, click “Start Evaluation” button to continue. It will take a few seconds to complete the activation. If the Product Center is popup during your debugging and the you have done the items above, please click “Continue Debugging” button to continue your debugging. See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Product activated and continue debugging.

Now the license is ready setup on your development machine.

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