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Map Suite Code Samples

Welcome to the ThinkGeo Wiki Code Samples Collection!


We've established the ThinkGeo Wiki as a central resource for all of your Map Suite needs, including reference information, example GIS projects, documentation and a whole lot more. One of the premier features is our library of Code Samples. These self-contained sample projects demonstrate the capabilities of Map Suite and show you how to implement a wide variety of features and functionality, many of which are user-requested.

Where can I find the Code Samples?

Each Map Suite product in the ThinkGeo Wiki has a section for code samples; the links above will take you to the full list of samples relevant to the product you choose. Alternatively, if you visit the wiki Main Page and click the “Code Samples” link below any Map Suite product, you'll see that the code samples are categorized to allow you to find the project you need quickly and easily. We have hundreds of samples and are always adding more.

You can also use the wiki's built-in search function to look for projects that suit your needs or interests.

I have sample code that I would like to share. Can I do that?

Certainly. Please contact us by email at and tell us a bit about your project and what you would like to name it. We'll review it and, if we approve it, you'll see it added to the wiki's list of available projects with full credit given to you.

How are the Map Suite sample projects licensed?

Any code that the community posts is covered under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). This license is certified by the Open Source Initiative to meet the requirements of the Open Source Definition. It is a very easy to understand and liberal license so that you can re-use the code in commercial packages.

Can I submit a suggestion or comment?

Absolutely! The ThinkGeo Wiki was created and is maintained based on feedback from our customers, and your feedback will help shape its future direction. If you have constructive suggestions or comments we would love to hear them. While we cannot always act on every suggestion, we will record and review them as part of our continuous improvement process. Let us know your ideas by emailing us or posting your suggestions on the official Map Suite discussion forums.

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