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-=====Welcome to the ThinkGeo Wiki=====+=====Welcome to ThinkGeo Wiki=====
-{{section>​upgrade_map_suite_from_9.0#Upgrade Map Suite to 10.0}}+ThinkGeo Wiki is the central and official source of documentation,​ sample code and learning material for ThinkGeo users It contains resources such as API reference, Quickstart Guides, sample projects with source code, change logs for each version, and more.
-The ThinkGeo ​Wiki is the central and official source ​of documentationsample code and learning material for Map Suite users It contains resources such as API reference, QuickStart Guides to get you started, sample projects with source code you can learn from, change logs for each version, and more.+=====ThinkGeo ​Cloud===== 
 +ThinkGeo Cloud is a set of cloud-hosted RESTful APIs, which have been designed to optimize your productivity in the world of mapping by taking away the complicated deploymentsdata warehousing ​and IT concerns that you would normally encounter. It can be consumed ​from a web pageas well as Desktop applications or Mobile Apps on a different platform.
-=====Products & Services===== 
-The wiki's resources are categorized by product, so you can easily find the information you need for the Map Suite products you're working with. The products run on one or more platforms; ​ the key features, which are shared by different products, run on different platforms as well. Please check [[map_suite_platform_coverage|platform coverage]] for the details. 
-**For Mobile Platforms**+<div samplelist>​ 
 +<faicon fa fa-globe fa-lg title-icon>​ <span title-content>​[[thinkgeo_cloud|Overview]]</​span>​ 
 +A general overview of ThinkGeo Cloud 
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_orange+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[Map Suite Mobile for Android|Mobile for Android™]]</div+<faicon fa fa-book fa-lg title-icon>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_cloud_client_keys_guideline|Client Keys Guide]]</span
-<div product_desc>​Build native GIS apps running on Android devices through Xamarin</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_mobile_for_android|Mobile for Android™ ]]</​div>​+A guide to generating an API key and applying it into your application
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_orange+ 
-<div clearexternlink>[[Map Suite Mobile for iOS|Mobile for iOS]]</div+<​div ​samplelist
-<div product_desc>​Build native GIS apps running on iPhone® and iPad® through Xamarin</​div>​ +<faicon fa fa-folder-open fa-lg title-icon>​ <span title-content>[[https://​​help/​|Online Documentation]]</span
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_mobile_for_ios|Mobile ​for iOS ]]</​div>​+\\ 
 +The Documentation ​for all ThinkGeo Cloud Services. ​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​newline></div> +<​div ​samplelist> 
-<div newline></div+<faicon fa fa-link fa-lg title-icon> <span title-content>[[https://​​cloud/#​VectorMaps|Online Samples]]</span
-**For Desktop Platforms**+\\ 
 +The samples showing off what can be done with ThinkGeo Cloud.  
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_blue+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[Map Suite Desktop for WPF|Desktop for WPF]]</div+<faicon fa fa-list fa-lg title-icon>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_cloud_samples|Sample Gallery]]</span
-<div product_desc>​Build Windows client apps using WPF</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_desktop_for_wpf|Desktop ​for WPF]]</​div>​+Additional samples for our other development platforms including ​Desktop, Mobile and Web. 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_blue+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[Map Suite Desktop for WinForms|Desktop for WinForms]]</div+<faicon fa fa-code fa-lg title-icon>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_cloud_.net_sdk|.NET SDK]]</span
-<div product_desc>​Build Windows client apps using Windows Forms, running on Windows and Linux/​Mac(through Mono)</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_desktop_for_winforms|Desktop for WinForms]]</​div>​+An easier way to consume ThinkGeo Cloud in an .NET application.
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
-> **For Web Platforms** 
-<div productlist product_container title_red>​ +=====ThinkGeo UI Controls===== 
-<div clearexternlink>​[[Map Suite Web for WebAPI|Web for WebAPI]]</div> +    
-<div product_desc>Build REST based web services for JS/HTML5 Web applications. Running on Windows and Linux/​Mac(through Mono).</div> +ThinkGeo provides feature-rich .NET controls based on different platforms and different technologies. They are available on NuGet, as well as many other ThinkGeo Map Suite NuGet packages which are shared amongst ThinkGeo UI controls which is why you will notice the majority of the APIs sharing common descriptions and samples. Here is a breakdown of [[map_suite_platform_coverage|platform coverage]] showing what feature package is shared across different products.  
-<div linkbutton>[[map_suite_web_for_webapi|Web for WebAPI]]</div+ 
 +<​div ​samplelist
 +<faicon title-android> <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_mobile_for_android|Mobile ​for Android]]</span
 +Build native GIS apps running on Android devices through Xamarin
-<div productlist product_container title_red>​ 
-<div clearexternlink>​[[Map Suite Web for MVC|Web for MVC]]</​div>​ 
-<div product_desc>​Build web mapping applications using the MVC framework, running on Windows. </​div>​ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_web_for_mvc|Web for MVC]]</​div>​ 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_red+ 
-<div clearexternlink>[[Map Suite Web for WebForms|Web for WebForms]]</div+<​div ​samplelist
-<div product_desc>​Build traditional ASP.NET Web Forms mapping applications, ​running on Windows ​and Linux/Mac(through ​Mono).</​div>​ +<faicon title-ios>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_mobile_for_ios|Mobile ​for iOS]]</span
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_web_for_webforms|Web for WebForms]]</​div>​+\\ 
 +Build native GIS apps running on iPhone® ​and iPad® ​through ​Xamarin 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
-> **For Servers** 
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_brown+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[map_suite_gis_server|GIS Server(Coming Soon)]]</div+<faicon title-wpf>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_desktop_for_wpf|Desktop for WPF]]</span
-<div product_desc>​Cloud server which can be accessed from any REST capable ​client.</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_gis_server|GIS Server]]</​div>​+Build Windows ​client ​for the tranditional ​.NET Framework 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 +<div samplelist>​
 +<faicon title-winforms>​ <span title-content>​[[thinkgeo_desktop_for_winforms|Desktop for WinForms]]</​span>​
 +Build Windows client for the cross platform framework: .NET Core
 +<div newline></​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
 <div newline></​div>​ <div newline></​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_brown+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[map_suite_server_routing|Routing]]</div> +<faicon title-webforms> <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_web_for_webapi|Web for WebAPI]]</span
-<div product_desc>​Find the shortest path between multiple locations, deliver turn-by-turn directions, avoid specified areas</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>[[map_suite_server_routing|Routing]]</div+Build Web apps using Web API
-<div productlist product_container title_brown>​ 
-<div clearexternlink>​[[map_suite_server_geocoding|Geocoding]]</​div>​ 
-<div product_desc>​Convert addresses to coordinates and vice-versa</​div>​ 
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_server_geocoding|Geocoding]]</​div>​ 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_brown+<​div ​samplelist
-<div clearexternlink>[[map_suite_server_world_streets|World Streets]]</div> +<faicon title-webforms> <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_web_for_blazor|Web for Blazor]]</span> 
-<div product_desc>​Royalty-free worldwide vector data ready to use in your application.</​div>​ +\\ 
-<div linkbutton>[[map_suite_server_world_streets|World Streets]]</div>+Build Web apps using Blazor 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<div productlist product_container title_brown>​ + 
-<​div ​clearexternlink>[[map_suite_server_world_imagery|World Imagery]]</​div>​ +<​div ​newline></​div>​ 
-<​div ​product_desc>Royalty-free high-level global imagery matched with highly-detailed US imagery.</​div>​ +<​div ​newline></​div>​ 
-<​div ​linkbutton>[[map_suite_server_world_imagery|World Imagery]]</div>+ 
 +=====ThinkGeo Open Source===== 
 +ThinkGeo provides the following open Open Source libraries, all available on Github. ​ 
 +<​div ​samplelist>​ 
 +<faicon title-vectormap>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_vector_map_javascript_library|VectorMap.js]]</span> 
 +A JavaScript rendering engine works with any data including ThinkGeo Cloud Vector Tiles. ​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<​div ​productlist product_container title_brown+ 
-<div clearexternlink>[[map_suite_server_reverse_geocoding|Reverse-Geocoding]]</div+<​div ​samplelist
-<div product_desc>​Reverse-geocoding allows you to match a latitude ​and longitude location to a street address anywhere on earth.</​div>​ +<faicon title-styleJson>​ <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_stylejson|StyleJSON]]</span
-<div linkbutton>​[[map_suite_server_reverse_geocoding|Reverse-Geocoding]]</​div>​+\\ 
 +A ThinkGeo styling format can be used with VectorMap.js ​and other ThinkGeo products.  
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<div productlist product_container title_brown>​ + 
-<​div ​clearexternlink>​[[map_suite_server_elevation|Elevation]]</​div+<​div ​samplelist
-<div product_desc>Global elevation point, contour, and viewshed at your fingertips.</div> +<faicon title-icons-font> <span title-content>[[thinkgeo_iconfonts|Icon Fonts]]</span> 
-<div linkbutton>[[map_suite_server_elevation|Elevation]]</div>+\\ 
 +ThinkGeo Icon Fonts library. ​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
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