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Map Suite Routing Miscellaneous Samples

Routing Index Generator

The Map Suite Routing Index Generator is a utility that will allow you to generate routing index files (“.rtg” and “.rtx”) from ESRI shapefiles and .sqlite databases. These routing index files will be used by the Map Suite Routing Extension in order to calculate routes and driving directions. This utility allows you to specify things that one-way road information, as well as configuring the road speed and type of routes you would like to calculate. It is easily extendable to allow you to add code to deal with other routing situations. This version of the RoutingIndexGenerator requires v9.0.515.0 or higher of both MapSuiteCore.dll and SQLiteExtension.dll.

Traveling Salesman Problem


In today’s project, we are seeing a variant of the sample “Traveling Salesman Problem” of the “How Do I” samples of the Routing product. At the request of a Discussion Forum user, we added a new API to the GetRouteViaVisitStops function where now you can have distinct start and end points. For being able to run this app, you will need the version 3.1.427.0 or later.

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