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 <div download_viewsource_buttons>​ <div download_viewsource_buttons>​
 [[|View Source]] [[|View Source]]
-{{:File:​|C#​ Download}}+{{filehistory:​|C#​ Download}}
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 <div sample_otherlinks>​ <div sample_otherlinks>​
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 ---- ----
 +<div sampleitem>​
 +====  Visualizing Data(Xamarin Forms) ====
 +<div screenshot>​
 +<div content>
 +<div download_viewsource_buttons>​
 +[[|View Source]]
 +{{filehistory:​|C#​ Download}}
 +<div sample_otherlinks>​
 +[[Map Suite Samples Applies To|Applies To: iOS, Android]]
 +[[Map Suite Samples Alternate Languages | Need it in another language?]]
 +Explore the different styles available to help you analyze and visualize your data.\\ \\ //Includes both Android and iOS Xamarin.Forms projects.//
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