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 ThinkGeo.MapSuite Namespace: ThinkGeo.MapSuite Namespace:
-  * Todo+  * Added four color map support 
 +  * Added GisServerRestLayer support 
 +  * Added read GeometryCollection For OracleFeatureLayer support 
 +  * Added API to allow user control the x/y axes for WmtsLayer 
 +  * Enhanced JPEG2000 to support loading R-G-B-IR format JPEG file 
 +  * Enhanced support different DPI for printer 
 +  * Enhanced about GridFeatureLayer performance 
 +  * Enhanced product center behavior when user got expired 
 +  * Enhanced support cloudfile layer 
 +  * Fixed bug the CanExecuteSqlQueries of InMemoryFeatureLayer return incorrect value 
 +  * Fixed bug the center point of reprojected extent shift, which makes map tile mismatch it's correct location 
 +  * Fixed bug the null exception caused by license validator 
 +  * Fixed bug the application stops when render which caused by screen line too long 
 +  * Fixed bug the "​Column does not belong to table" error when use where clause on view for MsSqlFeatureLayer 
 +  * Fixed bug Matrix.GetIntersectingCells throw exception 
 +  * Fixed bug WMTS layer doesn'​t work well in some scenario 
 +  * Fixed bug some shapefile loading error 
 +  * Fixed bug bounding box calculatation error when out of range 
 +  * Fixed bug GeoTiff Layer render incorrect in some scenarios 
 +  * Fixed bug the temp property of environment is null 
 +  * Fixed bug blurry text problem on map 
 +  * Fixed bug GeoImage actual size equal zero issue 
 +  * Fixed bug out of memory exception for projection 
 +  * Fixed bug texture brush throws exception in some scenarios
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