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 +====== API Documentation ======
 +  * [[ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Core|ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Core]]<​div>​The Core API documentation covers the ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Core namespace which resides in the MapSuiteCore.dll assembly. It contains all of the core GIS classes that are shared between the different Map Suite edition map controls and servers. It includes such classes as Style, FeatureSource,​ Layer, Projection etc. This is where the bulk of the classes are for most of the Map Suite products. </​div>​
 +  * [[ThinkGeo.MapSuite.MvcEdition|ThinkGeo.MapSuite.MvcEdition]]<​div>​The MVC Edition API documentation covers the ThinkGeo.MapSuite.MvcEdition namespace which resides in the MvcEditon.dll assembly. It contains all of the MVC Edition specific classes such as the map control itself, Overlays, and supported map classes.</​div>​
 +  * [[http://​​docs/​MVC/​ClientAPI/​Default.htm|Client JavaScript API Documentation]]<​div>​This document defines the client JavaScript functions that are applied to the Map's name. In other words, if you add an MVC Edition map control named "​Map1"​ to the view page, then you would call these functions like "​Map1.functionName()"​.</​div>​
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